The No-Code & Low-Code Platform for Business Agility

You can get a report to see how NileDB can help your company to be more agile (that is, adapt faster to changes).

No-Code Platform

NileDB is a platform aimed at users

who are not engineers,

reducing dependence on this type of profile.

Data is a Key Asset

The data is a key asset of any organization

and does not depend on the applications.

NileDB provides the tools to manage the data.

Scalable Architecture

NileDB provides a scalable platform based on
mature technologies.

Data Security

NileDB provides the tools

to manage the data security also.

Adaptive Model

NileDB is based on an adaptive,

iterative, and incremental model,

providing the required agility to the business.

API-based SaaS

With NileDB, you get the advantages of both worlds,

SaaS and API.

Test our platform for yourself

You can access a demo of our platform with the following users:

  •  Username: “modelsadmin”, Password: “admin”. Administrator let you create your own data model (tables, fields, references, …).
  • Username: “demo”, Password: “demo”. Demo let you query the data, …

Helping to grow your company
through our strategy

More than 20 years of experience

Business Process Optimization

A clear data-model helps to optimize your business processes.

Omni-Channel Strategy

Get access to the same data from every available channel.

Customization and Micro-Segmentation

Get to the next one-to-one personalization level.

Compliance with Regulations

Having the data in an unique database helps to comply with regulations (i.e. GDPR, ...).

Data Quality and Data Governance

Having data in an unique store helps to improve data quality.

Real-Time Analytics

Having all the data available in a scalable store helps to real-time analytics.

Data Security

NileDB provides an homogeneus security policy, based on roles.

KPI Monitoring and Calculation

Having the data in an unique database helps to calculate KPIs easier.

NileDB Plans & Packages

Get to your goals faster and smarter with any edition of NileDB.


All data capabilities that your company needs.


  • Any number or cores (CPUs)
  • 20 GB disk space included
  • 20 TB traffic included (additional traffic charged separately [2€/TB/Month)
  • Additional high-availability SSD storage up to 10 TB * 16 volumes (LVM with triple replication) (charged separately [0,08€/GB/Month])
  • API-based SaaS (on Cloud)
  • Data Management API
  • Security Management API
  • Administrative tool
  • Modeling tool
  • Professional services available

Data-Centric Strategy

Currently, there is an explosion in the amount and frequency of information to process.
In an app-centric model, the complexity and cost of integrations increases exponentially.

Centralizing the data allows reducing complexity and achieving more agility.